Monday, July 26, 2010

12 Pei Wei employees fired for attending a rally

12 employees have been fired by a Chandler Pei Wei restaurant for missing work to attend a rally.

According to the Pei Wei employees, they were fired because of the controversial immigration law. However, the Pei Wei restaurant claims that the employees missed their scheduled shifts to attend the protest.

The Pei Wei employees are protesting on the restaurant's door to not only have their jobs back, but they want an apology from the restaurant.

The employees feel that they were treated unfairly as Pei Wei just punished other employees who missed work. 12 out of 30 employees of Pei Wei were missing to attend the anti-SB 1070 protest.

One of the fired employees of Pei Wei said to the press that she thought the restaurant was going to support them, but they apparently don't.

These employees also claim that all those who have missed work at Pei Wei restaurant in the past only get punished and never fired.

A local union is helping the fired Pei Wei employees with their case.

Pei Wei

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