Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chilean Miners Rescue – Live Coverage (Watch Video)

2.56am: (10.56pm Chile)
Miguel Fort, one of those in charge of the rescue, told local radio that the first rescuer will reach the miners at 11.30pm local time, according to La Tercera. It also names Manuel González as that rescuer.

2.47am: (10.47pm Chile)
The first rescuer to be lowered down will be Manuel González, according to Chile's English language news site the Santiago Times.

2.40am:(10.40pm Chile)
The capsule, which is being tested again with no one inside, faces a twisty ride, according to Rory Carroll and Jonathan Franklin.

On its journey to the surface, the capsule will have to twist up to a dozen times through curves of 28-inch (78cm) diameter.Video inspections showed the shaft's lower walls to be firm, smooth rock, eliminating the need to line them, which would have taken days and risked blockages.

2.31am:(10.31pm Chile)
What's the hold up? Various theories are being put forward. Sasa Petricic a journalist with CBC TV tweets that there's a "minor problem" with the winch.

El Pais says the door of the capsule has been damaged.

2.16am:(10.16pm Chile)
The engineers have got the socket set out to make more adjustments to the capsule. A rescue worker was supposed to go down in the next test run. But it lowered again with no one inside.

Meanwhile, there's talk of the first miner being rescued within the next hour.

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