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Thursday, June 10, 2021

The Best Natural and Organic Fertilizer for Plants

It's rainy season once again in the Philippines. Both farmers and home gardeners will surely encounter difficulties in growing various plants and crops healthy. Although the rain is beneficial in getting the soil watery enough. But due to the many metallic elements like aluminum considered as pollutants in the sky, the rain becomes acidic. And too much of this is not good for nurturing plants and crops at all. 

We have to think of better ways to make the soil fertile which means lowering the acid amount in soil. It's pH level must be neutral which is 7.0 more or less. So, let's raise the pH of the acidic soil. 

The easiest solution is to add soil conditioner and plant root growth stimulant in the soil. One can readily use Agrowplus Phytonutrients Powder which is already tested and proven since 2012. It is the best natural and organic fertilizer, highly recommended and the cheapest for sale at Php350 only for each 120-gram pack. It contains 87.5% Humus or Humic Acid (dry basis), 91.12% Organic Matter and 12.1% Potassium as K2O (dry basis) with pH value of 10 and 100% water solubility. One can buy this phenomenal Agrowplus product at its official website or through the Facebook page Clarence Shaw Online Store, which is the most-trusted Facebook online store since 2013. 

Just mix one tablespoon of Agrowplus Phytonutrients Powder with 16 liters of water and sprinkle your plants in your garden with it once a week. While for farming needs, mix one pack or sachet with 50 kg urea. As it enhances the structure of the soil, it can also be mixed with other fertilizers used by some farmers. It is not only affordable but also economical. 

Because of the amazing benefits of the Agrowplus Humus fertilizer ingredient, other products followed such as Humus Plus, King Humus Plus, Grand Humus Plus and Humic Plus but more expensive for a fertilizer price range of Php550 - Php600. Well, as the saying goes, "Nothing beats the original!", and that's Agrowplus for sure. 

What is the meaning of Humus? 

Humus is formed in the soil from the decomposition of either animal matter or plant leaves, branches, twigs and the like in the absence of oxygen. So, it is a thick organic substance that is dark brownish in color. Since it comes from nature, it is 100% natural. 

Soil that contains humus has many benefits as a complete fertilizer for papaya, ornamental plants, indoor plants, coconut bonsai plants or tree, flowering plants like bougainvillea and roses, vegetables like pechay, fruit bearing trees, rice, corn, sago palms, and strawberries. And this is good for organic farming and gardening. 

Since this Agrowplus organic fertilizer greatly helps in making the soil increase its capability to hold water as well as improve the ability of the plants to absorb the very-much needed nutrients in the soil, it becomes the top choice for usage in the sector of agriculture known as Agrowplus Natural Farming Technology.

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