Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gonzaga University: Gonzaga Gets Jimmered in Third-Round

Gonzaga has turned itself into a mid-major school that seems to only play the regular season to try and increase their seeding in the NCAA Tournament. That was not the case this year. Gonzaga went on a nine-game winning streak just to make it into the tournament.

They were rewarded with an eleventh seed and an opening game against St. John's. They also entered the tournament with very little buzz.

Gonzaga then created their own buzz with an impressive and complete 86-71 victory over St. John's.
That victory led many, including yours truly, to predict that they would advance past BYU and cruise into the Sweet 16. Jimmer Fredette had different ideas. Fredette came out a little slow, but he heated as the game went on.  He ended with 34 points, and he was an amazing 7-for-12 from behind the line.


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