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Learn How To Make Extra Money Working Part-time or Fultime From Home.

Learn How To Make Extra Money Working Part-time or Fultime From Home.

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How To Make Extra Money From Home – Home Typing Jobs – Can You Make Extra Money?

Posted: 29 Jun 2011 05:14 AM PDT

home typing jobs have always been very popular on the internet, however, they can be quite confusing. I mean “Home Typing” is a very broad term so this could really entail several different things. There are your home typing programs where you get paid to type up documents and spreadsheets, then you have your ad pasting home typing jobs along with your article and blog posting jobs and this is only to name a few. My favorite home typing job is your non traditional typing where you get paid to type online ad forms.

With this type of job one can make a nice living and you do not need any specific typing skills which is good for many. I mean not every one went to college or even has good typing skills so this makes it easy for someone to work online that does not necessarily have an education.

There has been a lot of talk about these home typing and data entry programs and controversy on whether they actually really work or not. I have did some research on these programs and have found that they do indeed work, but if you are looking to get rich then this is not the program for you. However, you can make from $200 a day and up with these programs with the right mentor, time and effort.

These types of non traditional data entry jobs are really good for one who wants to spend more time with their family or just wants to supplement their income. Most of the programs are not free to join simply because they are also considered to be a training program as well. The fee is usually pretty low, most of them charge from $50-$60 and it is a one time only fee. Another benefit from working at home in general is just imagine how much gas one can save.

Home typing and data entry is a great way to make extra money but just remember to do your research before just jumping into the first one you see. Some of the programs out there are better then others and you still have to worry about scams as well so be weary.

For a great and recommended data entry and home typing job check out the company Typist Jobs. They have an excellent members area training program and support team.

How To Make Extra Money From Home – 7 Secrete Ways to Make Extra Money in 2011

Posted: 29 Jun 2011 05:14 AM PDT

Job security might be out, but freelance, contract, and temporary work is in, which makes it easier than ever to moonlight as a graphic designer while you spend your days as a public relations rep. Slimmer staffs mean companies often need the extra help, and new websites offer free tools that match potential employers with workers. And earning extra money beyond your steady paycheck, if you’re lucky enough to have one, can provide a big boost to your financial security.

Here are seven ways to make extra money off the new economy in 2011:

Launch a Brand
When Kimberly Seals-Allers, former senior editor at Essence magazine, was expecting her first child, she discovered that black women face higher risks during childbirth and pregnancy. “I realized we were a special group, and I wanted to write a book about everything in black women’s lives. Not just pregnancy, but money, men, and myths in our community. [I wanted] to create a new way forward.”

Her first book, “The Mocha Manual to a Fabulous Pregnancy,” turned into a series as well as an online magazine, maternity line, and consultancy. Seals-Allers also licensed use of the Mocha Manual name to create an instructional DVD sold at Walmart and supermarkets.

Start a Blog
The anonymous blogger behind (Lazy Man and Money) defies his site’s name. He works about 14 hours a day on weekdays and then puts in nine hours on Saturday and Sunday. But his hard work is paying off — his blog earns him enough to support his lifestyle; back in 2008, he estimated his annual earnings at around $30,000. But it’s tough for part-time bloggers with full-time jobs to keep up with all the demands of a lucrative blog. “There’s simply a lot more [to do] than what the average reader sees,” he says.

Even if the blog itself doesn’t generate a six-figure salary, it can lead to other money-making opportunities, such as consulting or speaking gigs. Silicon Valley Blogger at The Digeriting Life has carved out a successful niche as the expert on personal finance and technology in Silicon Valley. While she says she didn’t earn much during the first six months of her blog’s life, she received her first $100 check from Google AdSense shortly after that point, when she was getting around 600 unique visitors a day. She now earns money from her blog-related consulting, as well.

Sell Your Skills
Whether your expertise lies in social networking, editing, or web development, several new websites can help you find potential clients willing to pay you for your work.  make it easy to advertise your skills and find work, which you can do from the comfort of your home at all hours of the night. To get started, explore the websites to see what might be a good fit. You can also stick with a more traditional approach and use which allows users to post advertising for their services, ranging from household labor to music lessons.

Sell a Wacky Service
For those interested in a more unusual approach, the innovative website allows users to sell (and buy) services for $5. Current offerings include sketching a stylized portrait, writing a name on a grain of rice, and digitally restoring a photograph. It’s one of the trendiest ways to make a quick buck for the internet-savvy; dozens of videos, websites, and blogs offer advice on how best to earn money off the site. The best advice? Since you’re only going to make $5 a pop, sell a service that you can do easily and quickly.

Talk and Teach
Colleges, organizations, and companies are constantly on the lookout for new experts that can inspire an audience. If you’ve built up an expertise on a subject, perhaps through your blog, then consider branching out with some speaking gigs. Offer to talk for free at first to build up your reputation, and then a speakers’ bureau can help connect you to paying gigs (for a cut of your fee).


Design T-Shirts
Companies such as allow people to design and sell their T-shirts for a cut of the profits. According to the company’s website, some users earn over $100,000 a year. But it’s not always easy:  who earns enough through CafePress to pay her mortgage each month, found success after a year and a half of long, sometimes 16-hour days. Her time is spent creating designs and then uploading them. She has uploaded about 2,500 designs, many of which are cartoon oriented, including the popular penguin series. For her, she says, the secret has been to make many different images that are steady sellers, as opposed to creating one or two megahits. Now, she says she doesn’t need to put as much time into her shop because she has such a large inventory of designs.

Sell Other People’s Products
Make-up companies such as Avon and Mary Kay are always looking for new sales representatives, as are other companies such as kitchen products seller Pampered Chef. “If you don’t have to make a big investment to get into it, it’s probably not a bad idea,” says Marcia Brixey, author of “The Money Therapist.” But she warns people to stay away from businesses that require sellers to make significant up-front purchases that they might not be able to unload.

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The bottom line: The new economy offers plenty of creative ways to earn extra money; to find the best fit for you, consider your skills, lifestyle, and ambitions.

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