Thursday, September 6, 2012

Top Stories of the Day // September 6, 2012


Today's Top Stories // Sep 6, 2012

Samsung Sells 20M+ Galaxy S IIIs In 100 Days: A Benchmark Or A Red Herring For Apple, Nokia, Amazon?

Nokia and Motorola had their day in the device spotlight yesterday, and today it is Amazon's turn, with Apple's next week. So in the middle of all of this, just... read more

LinkedIn Unveils Redesigned Company Pages: Simpler, More Visual, And More Relevant

LinkedIn plans to roll out a new version of its company pages today, part of a broader attempt to redesign and simplify its core products, including its... read more

HootSuite CEO: We're Buying Seesmic For The Users, Not The Tech [Interview]

TechCrunch first reported earlier today that enterprise social media platform HootSuite is buying another social media platform, Seesmic. That fact has now been... read more

Startup Sauna Puts Some Money Where Its Mouth Is, Secures Inventure Backing

Startup Sauna has always been a slightly puzzling thing. It acts ike an accelerator but does not fund startups. It simply offers European (mostly from Nordic... read more

Kobo Unveils $99 Mini And $129 Glo E-Readers, Takes On Amazon With Android-Powered Arc Tablet

The big September reveal-a-thon is set to continue tomorrow with some new product announcements courtesy of Amazon, but a rival player in the e-book space is... read more

Bing It On: Microsoft Claims 2:1 Users Prefer Bing's Search Results Over Google's In Blind Test

Bing has a bit of an image problem and despite its best efforts, Microsoft claims, many people still have the perception that Google is simply "better." To... read more

Adobe Social Launches To Create And Monitor Social Ads

After several months in beta testing, Adobe is launching Adobe Social, which it's pitching as a way to connect social marketing campaigns with real business... read more

Sources: Amazon Publishing Cutting Deals For Serialized Fiction Series With Kindle, Print, And Audio Editions

On the eve of Amazon's first non-New York event, we're hearing from multiple sources that the online retailer could be announcing new publishing deals in... read more

Report: Pinterest Beats Yahoo Organic Traffic, Making It 4th Largest Traffic Driver Worldwide

Although reports trickling in are raising questions around Pinterest's ability to convert its network of enthusiastic photo sharers to e-commerce shoppers, the... read more

Disrupting Yesterday's Disruptors: How Millennial Entrepreneurs Are Killing It

The title of this Disrupt SF panel is terrible (two 'Disrupts,' seriously?), but its premise is pretty amazing: How do Millennials deal with shaking up an... read more

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World Chess Olympiad 2012: Philippines loses to China, 0.5-3.5

Wesley So salvages a draw against Wang Hao after 64 moves in Round 9 of the 40th Chess Olympiad in Istanbul, Turkey, as the 35th seed Philippines slightly avoided a shutout against the 2nd ranked China, 0.5-3.5.

World Chess Olympiad 2012 Update: Wesley So vs. Wang Hao of China

Update:  Eugene Torre just lost his match. The score now is 3-0 in favor of China. Wesley So is now trying to salvage a draw in his match. 

Wesley So of the Philippines is in a tight game now with Wang Hao of China in the waning minutes of their Round 9 battle of the World Chess Olympiad 2012 in Istanbul, Turkey. Here is the link to their live game:

Currently, score now is 2-0 in favor of China. Wesley So and Eugene Torre must win their respective matches for Philippines to forge a tie.